YW Overview

For over 100 years, YW has played a vital role in our community, continuously adapting to meet women’s most critical needs.

Powerful Programs and Urgent AdvocacyPowerful Programs and Urgent Advocacy

YW is dedicated to addressing the most critical needs for women in Dallas County, offering programs in the areas of financial literacy, pregnancy and parenting education, and women’s health services. YW’s goal is to educate and guide women toward becoming self-sufficient and to advocate for sound public policy that supports these efforts.

A Virtual Organization Focused on Real Results

What does it mean to say YW is a virtual organization? YW goes into the community where the needs are. As a “virtual organization,” YW is anywhere women are struggling for a better life.

YW Financial EmpowermentYW Financial Empowerment services are offered at over 50 different host sites, including community centers, churches, libraries, community colleges and other nonprofit agencies.

YW Nurse-Family PartnershipYW Nurse-Family Partnership sends Registered Nurses directly into the homes of young mothers-to-be to administer care and instruction.

YW Women's HealthYW Women’s Health coordinates medical care through numerous clinics across Dallas County and provides transportation services for those in need.