YW Supporters

YW receives both unrestricted and program-specific support from generous individuals, foundations and corporations throughout our community.

The following foundations and corporations currently provide support for YW's core programs:

YW Financial Empowerment

YW Nurse-Family Partnership

YW Women's Health


Are You Ready to Give?

If your organization is interested in YW, contact the Development Office at 214.584.2345.

Please Make an Unrestricted Gift to YW Today!

While over 80% of YW's revenue supports our programs, we need your unrestricted donations. These gifts ensure that our operations remain strong so that our critical programs continue to make lasting change in the lives of our clients.

Why Give?

At YW we work for women, we volunteer for women, we advocate for women, we raise funds to change women's lives. We work with all in the community who share our vision of empowering women.

More than just an agency, YW is Angelica, a 15-year-old mom who has returned to school where she'll earn both her high school diploma and Associate's Degree, creating a bright future for herself and her son, Sebastian.

YW is Maria, who went from drowning in debt to accessing YW resources that are helping her save money in the short-term to achieve success and stability in the long-term.

YW is Jessica, an uninsured mother of two teens whose breast cancer was caught early enough to treat it quickly and effectively.

YW is thousands of women in our area who need help understanding and overcoming the obstacles that keep them from leading the positive, healthy lives they want and deserve.

YW is generous women and men who are inspired to help transform and empower women in need.

YW is you.