The Issues YW Addresses

YW is committed to addressing the most critical needs for women. We educate and guide women to improve their lives and remove the barriers to self-sufficiency. And we advocate for sound public policy that supports these efforts. Our program efforts are centered around health, financial empowerment, and parenting.

Women's Health IssuesWomen's Health Issues

More than four out of five YW client families are headed by single mothers - usually the sole wage earner and caregiver for the family. Studies have shown many women elect to forgo preventive health care due to economic constraints. Breast cancer that is identified within the first 12 months has a nearly 100% cure rate, so the importance of early detection in the continuing stability of the family cannot be overstated.

Financial Literacy IssuesWomen's Health Issues

Economic stability can help women break the cycle of generational poverty, reduce debt, establish credit, and build assets. Yet, many women are fighting what they see as an unwinable economic battle—their family’s day-to-day needs take priority over savings and prudent money management. Though women make the majority of major spending decisions, they often lack basic financial skills and a sound understanding of financial infrastructure.

Women's Health IssuesParenting Education Issues

Babies are not born with instruction manuals. The transition to motherhood can be particularly challenging for many low-income, first-time young mothers. Many are socially isolated or are experiencing severe adversity. Nurse home visits can prove extremely helpful.