YW Program Overviews & Outcomes

YW operates three programs – YW Women’s Health, YW Financial Empowerment and YW Nurse-Family Partnership – focused on improving women’s lives and removing barriers to self-sufficiency.

Program Overviews

YW Women's Health Issues

YW Women’s Health is a program offering free mammograms and diagnostic screenings for underserved women in our community who do not have easy access to care.

YW is the only organization in Dallas to offer a comprehensive women’s breast health program at no cost to uninsured and underinsured clients combining community-based screenings, diagnostic exams, patient navigation services, community outreach, breast self-examination education, and transportation assistance.

YW was selected by the Dallas County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to implement the first community-wide Breast Health Patient Navigator program in Dallas.

Financial Empowerment

YW Financial Empowerment is a program that helps women find paths to prosperity through cutting-edge initiatives, financial coaching, and a multitude of life-changing programs and tools.

YW provides the only financial education program in Dallas with an emphasis on long-term intervention and asset-growth.

YW offers the only public Individual Development Accounts (IDAs or matched savings accounts) in Dallas County.

YW is the first organization in the state to offer a tool that matches hard-working Dallas families with the appropriate government benefits to mend their current financial gaps while they work toward financial independence - the YW Self-Sufficiency Calculator.

Nurse-Family Partnership

YW Nurse-Family Partnership is a one-on-one program that pairs a skilled four-year degreed Registered Nurse with young mothers, who become better parents and raise children with brighter futures.

Nurse-Family Partnership is the most rigorously tested parenting education program in the nation with proven outcomes throughout sites in 29 states.

YW was chosen to operate the first Nurse-Family Partnership site in Texas, now adopted in Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, Port Arthur and San Antonio.