YW Nurse-Family Partnership

Are you pregnant with your first child? The YW Nurse-Family Partnership can help you take care of yourself and your baby and give your child the best possible start in life.

Nurse-Family Partnership

The YW Nurse-Family Partnership pairs a new mother with a Registered Nurse Home Visitor for two and a half years. Your Nurse Home Visits start during your pregnancy and continue until your child is 2 years old. During that time you’ll schedule 64 Nurse Home Visits. Your Nurse Home Visitor will help you:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby
  • Get your home ready and safe for your baby
  • Learn how to be a good parent
  • Teach your family and friends what they can do to help you
  • Get referrals for support services such as child care, health care and job training
  • Go back to school and learn job skills
  • Set goals for your family and reach them

To Be Eligible for the YW Nurse-Family Partnership You Must:

  • Be pregnant with your first child
  • Meet income requirements
  • Be 28 weeks or less (you can register as early into your pregnancy as you like; we recommend that your Nurse Home Visits start by your 16th week of pregnancy)
  • Must live in Dallas County

For more information, to see if you are eligible and to register, call 214.584.2322.